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Minervala Market, 2016, The Wig Gallery, Ladywood, Birmingham.

Caravan, 2015. Timber and fabric.

Caravan was a 2015 piece commissioned for the HFWAS (Home For Waifs And Strays) closing party.

The show was at Minerva Works, a complex of international contemporary art galleries and spaces in the Eastside Birmingham City, Digbeth. Due to the changing mentality of Digbeth, the land owners, and therefore landscapes, have begun to alter exponentially.

This has led to the inevitable losses of affordable spaces enjoyed by artists for the past few years. Rates rising and in some cases individuals being priced out on purpose to free up spaces for more lucrative business owners.

What happens when these small, vulnerable art spaces lose their foothold in a landscape... they become nomadic. Caravan played with the fear of a possible exodus of Digbeth's artist community. When the strong physical structures they've built become ethereal. 

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