Conclave is a multi-player board game in which you play a cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. The aim is to race your way to the top of the board against your

fellow cardinals by quashing various scandals that hit the church. The player that

quashes the highest scoring scandals is coronated to the Papal Thrones.

The game is designed to treat the institution with as little respect as possible as well

as highlight their real crimes against humanity both throughout history and current.

Absolution cards are your saving grace. They give you the options to deal with scandals that land on your desk.

Hidden in the Absolution deck are "Futuo!" cards. Futuo is latin meaning: to fuck someone up the arse or shaft them. With shrewd political cunning you can asses your conclave and work out who your allies are and more importantly your enemies.

On the reverse of the cards are voices from the world of the Vatican both past and present. Voices of its defenders, allies and those who were instrumental in its development.

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