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Minervala Market, 2016 is a large scale installation made up of eight market stalls, a kitchen, bar, stage area and dining hall. Artists were invited to take over stalls in the market place and trade materials from their studios with other artists. The art work was a proposition for new ways of sourcing materials, new avenues of trade and communication between artists and new ways of existing as artists. The Project hosted 55 artists and arts organisations as stall holders in four weeks.

Minervala is a large-scale installation comprising of timber and hand dyed fabrics.

The Holodeck.


Print Makers, The Holodeck, transformed their stall into Minervala Market's apothecary where rare herbs, insects and other substances were boiled and ground into beautiful pigments before the visitors eyes.


The Holodeck is a printmaking and bookbinding workshop in Birmingham city centre specialising in Letterpress, bookbing affordable Risograph and Giclee printing. Passionate about both the art of print making and helping charities, activist groups and publicly funded projects.





The IKON Front of House Miscellany and Book Exchange.


When IKON gallery were updating and switching around their stock they had a number of books that needed a new home.



The Front of House staff decided Minervala Market was the perfect place to find them a new home.



The Milk Bar

Jo Capper, cofounder of Public Artist Ltd and coordinator of the Bearwood Pantry took a stall for one week to discuss her ideas on co-operatives and food sourcing.

The Milk Bar gave away free glasses of unpasteurised milk and freshly baked cookies in return for a lively discourse on community growing and sustainability.

UBE Zine

Alicia Rodriguez, painter and co-founder of Ube with Thom Haley, a contemporary art and writing zine based in Norwich.

Albert's Kitchen

South African born Albert Smith combines performance art, stand-up comedy and baking into his work. As a caterer he held our kitchen stall at the market and swapped delicious dishes, such as Vetcoek, for visitors honest and personal recounts of dealing with ideas of immigration, mental health, sexuality and race.

Tom Cahill-Jones



Installation artist and founder of Ingot Studios in Stirchley, Tom Cahill-Jones plays with notions of currency. His sculptures are filled with make-shift exuberance and wonder.




For Minervala Market he created a new currency: brightly painted sticks found along the River Rea. He imbued them with a value and traded this fresh, new currency with visitors.

Michael Lightborne's Post-Apocalyptic, tropical, tribal, trance night.


Filmmaker & light installation artist, Michael Lightborne of Fomori Pictures, provided the main stage with a suitably post apocalyptic tribal tropical trance dance beats on our final night.

Main Stage


The main stage held musicians, comics, poets and sound artists. Either commissioned to create a body of work in response to Minervala Market or visitors who wanted to perform the main stage attracted an eclectic array of styles and ideas. Ranging from street preachers to heavy rock the main stage has something for everyone.



Make/Shift/Space by Emily Warner and Clare Hickey

Make/Shift/Space is a portable artist structure which hosts a programme of live art-making through residencies, workshops and events within temporary public locations. The project was devised in 2016 by artist-duo Hickey+Warner who live and work in Birmingham (UK).

Make/Shift/Space provides an interface for exchange between artist, audience and the built environment; brokering conversations about social interaction, public landscapes and artistic activity. It continues to evolve as a platform for artists at work, and a proposition for the alternative use of space.

The Cabinet of Dr. Caloshistic

Travelling salesman and nightmare cocktail pioneer, Dr. Caloshistic, is an invention of performance artist, Alex Billingham.

Jon Wright AKA The Goddess.

"What do the cards have in store for you Love wealth, happiness, tragedy, maybe all of the above?" 

Welcome to the temple of the Goddess. Come and relax whilst you discover your true destiny!

Games Corner!

One corner of the market place was devoted to the playing of trading games such as The Settlers of Catan.

Rowan Piancastelli

To create an immersive feeling of another place and culture we worked with composer, Rowan Piancastelli.


Collaboratively we responded to the post-war, post industrial landscape of Birmingham. The building of which The Wig gallery is situated, 55 Great Tindall Street, holds 4 separate art studios. Originally an industrial complex and now an abandoned shell of crumbling brickwork it supplied the perfect inspiration for this dead-world of lost artists trying to re-ignite civilisation in the aftermath of civil unrest.

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