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Post apocalyptic mead hall

2015, Timber, Fabric, Performance, Sound, Food.

Post Apocalyptic Mead Hall was an evening of sculpture, sound, moving image and performance and the result of a seven week residency in Stirchley, 2015.

The show was designed to bring the local community of residents, traders and producers together through artist-driven production,  performance and conversation.

Post Apocalyptic Mead Hall employed magic realism, shamanism and the dining experience to discuss people's feelings on their  locality since the destruction of a number of community spaces by a large high street corporation.

Through a series of ritual practices involving textiles and crafts the evening culminated with a joint performance of audience and artists. As road maps, seemingly painted in blood dripped into unrecognition, notions of place and identity were made fluid, with water from the River Rea and residents poured out their fresh ideas for a new future into the world.

The spell was a celebration of independent high streets an offensive against large corporations. The ritual targeted the companies profits and slowly brought them down.

Employing costumes, drama, instruments and dance the ritual spoke of the malleability of time, place and reality.

Mead Hall Bee Man.jpeg

Participants in the ritual created masks whilst dining and drinking.

Discussing the past, present and possible futures they would like to see for their locality.

Mead Hall Masks.jpeg
Mead Hall masks 2.jpeg
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