If you are shielding or have access issues we will be hosting fortnightly online drawing workshops for you to join at home through our Twitch channel. They are easy to access and if you have any problems just get in touch!

The Stirchley Tapestry is a community drawing project organised, developed and fabricated in the small community of Stirchley, South Birmingham.

The tapestry will be a 105 metre long piece of fabric, digitally printed with the drawings of residents, workers and visitors of the area. Our target is to create 5400 drawings by 2023!

The project is organised by local artists, Hipkiss & Graney. The tapestry will be printed by Stirchley based printing company Get A Grip Studios.

Other outcomes of this project include a new orchestral score written by Charlotte Champneys, a Stirchley based composer and musician.


Will this really be an actual Tapestry?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Yes.


Throughout history, the term "tapestry" has conventionally been used to describe many different types of textile works. The Bayeux Tapestry isn't technically a tapestry, it's an embroidery!

The Stirchley Tapestry will also not technically be a tapestry. Using modern methods that are cheap and accessible, we will be digitally printing our community artworks.


We've chosen to do this because it's affordable and we can use the brilliant Get A Grip Studio which is based in Stirchley's Hazelwell Industrial Estate and into describe one communities journey through these strange times of human history.