The Dead Shrines Project, Cannon Hill Park, 2017. Timber and Sound Installation.

The Dead Shrines Project

The Dead Shrines Project is a series of public sculptures that are scattered throughout the West-Midlands. The sculptures look like they’ve fallen from the sky, crashed into our parks and high streets. The Dead Shrines Project is informed by shifts in our political landscape, with an emphasis on increasingly right-wing immigration policy and tightening border laws. The sculptures reflect these shifts in our public spaces, such as parks, high streets and workplaces. The design of The Dead Shrines has partly come directly from journalistic photographs of capsized migrant boats.


Since beginning development in September 2016, the home offices “hostile environment” policy has been uncovered, and more and more data has shown an exodus of people from the U.K and a plummet in foreigners arriving. These sculptures are shrines to an old ideal and a warning about a dark future that grows more and more possible each year.


The Dead Shrine Project has been exhibited in the Midlands Art Centre, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Arts and Artefact Projects.


Our next sculpture will be in Stirchley Park, in March 2019.










Photography Michael Lightborne.

The Dead Shrines Project, Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art, 2017. Timber, Sound and Performance.

Photography by Selina Oakes.

Photography by Emily Jones.

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