Hipkiss & Graney

propose the creation of

The Parish Artist.

Hipkiss & Graney propose the creation of the parish artist. In the same way that villages and communities have their own designated vicar, they should have their own designated artist that blunders around the community making things and talking incomprehensibly, like a vicar.


When artists graduate from art school they can be assigned a studio in a village and an annual income plus materials budget and they’ve gotta work with their community in ways they see fit. Each community is different each with their own set of needs.


Of course workshops, sculptural projects and all but long term community art projects too- great big collaborative projects.


If I was in this position I would think about how art, ritual and practices could be used in reestablishing a connection to nature, the land, countless new ways of thinking about  biodiversity, flora and fauna through making.


That could be one step in the massive social, political and economic shift necessary to tackle #ClimateBreakdown -changing/ regaining our relationship with #nature #biodiversity a kind of Paganism 2.0


I guess it would be like your local witch/ shaman/ wizard/ seer- someone who observes a society and using judgement and compassion navigates social malaise through their practice. The strength of the effects are directly related to how compassionate and thoughtful the artist is.

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