The stirchley tapestry

In order to create the huge number of drawings required we'll need to keep running regular drawing workshops for people to take part in... 


We have three different workshop series to take part in designed to suit different people's needs and interests. Check them out below...

Drawing Attention: 

A Walking and Drawing Workshop

Collaborating with our friends at Walkspace, the Drawing Attention workshop is a mix of drawing and "Extreme noticing".

Wandering through the myriad of landscapes Stirchley has to offer and drawing the many vistas and curious artefacts that lie within.


This is the workshop for individuals and groups looking for an opportunity for artistic expression, outdoor exploration and physical wellbeing.

Next workshop is on Saturday 19th September 1-4pm

Socially Distanced Daytime Workshop

Collaborating with Stirchley's high street artist-led gallery, Artefact Projects, this workshop is a relaxed and informal day of drawing challenges.

Throughout the day we discuss a series of themes and ideas and respond to them through drawing!


This is a workshop for individuals looking for an opportunity for artistic expression, socialising and being part of a big community project!

Next workshop is on Sunday 27th September 1-4pm

And So It Was Foretold... is on Friday 23rd October 8-10pm

Join us for an evening of live streamed apocalyptic terror. Follow the link below to our Twitch channel and sign up now!

An evening of doomsaying, drinks and drawing!

You will need paper, black ink (or slightly watered down black poster paint, and a paint brush!

Also bring along all your fears and anxieties about the future!

The Great Clawback!

Friday 11th December 8-10pm

The final Stirchley Tapestry workshop of 2020 is Friday 11th December!

Join us for an evening of thinking and drawing about all the amazing research and ideas around social and ecological sustainability that are happening right now across the planet!

The Great Clawback is the antithesis to “And So It Was Foretold...” our apocalyptic, doom-filled drawing workshop extravaganza.

Unlike, “And So It Was Foretold...” The Great Clawback celebrates the scientific and cultural projects happening right now that are working to save the planet and its ecosystems!

All you will need to take part is a brush, some black ink and some paper. These are fun and relaxed workshops for beginners. No artistic experience needed! There are no right or wrong answers, it’s all about learning and making things together as a community.

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