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Saturday 10th-17th August, 2024

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Hipkiss & Graney are currently in fundraising mode.

We're writing to lots of funders to try and raise enough to make this years games bigger, better and weirder than ever...

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...As a community festival, it's managed by residents and workers of Stirchley, so if you'd like to be part of the Woodland Games delivery team then email us at!


What is
The Woodland Games?

The Woodland Games is Stirchley's answer to the Olympics!

An irreverent nature-themed festival organised by residents, workers and friends of Stirchley, South Birmingham. Fully solar powered, from the bars to the sound stage.

The festival explores ecology and celebrates our local green spaces through costume, sculpture and performance.

We're currently in bid-writing mode at the moment, we find out if we've raised the funds needed for this years game in April, and then we'll be in planning and production mode!

If you'd like to be part of the team to deliver next years games then email us now at with the subject: Woodland Games 2024

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How To Take Part In The Woodland Games?


Get your friends together to make a team.


Come along to one of our big costume workshops


Come along to the Woodland Games 2024!

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Would You Like To Join The Woodland Games Festival Team?

We're looking for comunity-minded people to help us deliver Woodland Games 2024.

No experience neccesary, just a will to help deliver something fun to your neighbourhood. 

If you'd like to join our team
then email us now on 

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What kind of workshops do
we do?

A Woodland Games can involves big costume making,  banner painting and instrument making!

They're big social events, they're messy, busy and for all ages. Although they're perfect for families they're for groups of all ages and backgrounds.

All workshops are ran by Stirchley artists Hipkiss & Graney.

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Check Out Our Workshop Galleries!

Festival Partners

The Woodland Games wouldn't be half as good without the help of our many partners...


Central Co-Op
Birmingham City Council
(Neighbourhood Development Support Unit)
Wickes Community Fund


Ashley Swift
Carolyn Morton
Hoon Yoon
Katherine Wade


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