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Family Workshops

Grown-Up Events

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Summer Procession

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Woodland Tales

A new art project by Hipkiss & Graney and Warley Woods Community Trust.

Welcome to Woodland Tales!


Woodland Tales is a community art project that is creating a new folk tale for Warley Woods! The stories and characters will be inspired by the ecological processes taking place above and below the soil!

Along the way we'll be building new sculptures in the park, and with your help, creating masks, costumes and music all whilst learning about the amazing lifeforms

that are part of the woodlands! 

Our programme of events is still growing- please have a look below!


Family Workshops

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Come and join us for a series of fun creative workshops

and learn about the secret world beneath Warley Woods!

Below are a list of family friendly workshops taking place in Warley Woods all throughout July.

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Mask making Workshop


Learn about the lives and roles of Protozoas, Nemotodes and Arthropods in this fun and messy mask making workshop!


DATE TBA, Warley Woods, 2-3pm

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Banner making


Discover how the woodland communicates through the mycelium network. Paint your own banner to connect all the trees of Warley Woods together!

DATE TBA, Warley Woods, 2-3pm

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Pattern making


Using natural objects found in the woods and paints, you can create your own woodland patterns and prints onto naturally hand dyed fabrics! 


DATE TBA, Warley Woods, 2-3pm

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All art materials are provided in workshops.

Please ensure your child is wearing clothes they can get messy!

These workshops are recommended for ages, 7-11. Parents must remain with the children at all times.

Grown Up Events

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Join us for an evening of woodland themed frolics happening in venues across Bearwood...


Mask making and LIVE Music

Beer, wine, live music and micro-organisms- what more could you want from a night out?


This wild workshop explores the microbiology of Warley Woods through costume making before a live performance from Anna Palmer and Beth Bellis!


DATE TBA, Lightwoods House, 6.30-9.30pm

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A Night on Mushroom

A Pub Quiz with Seb Ros


Fancy a pub quiz on all things woodland? From popular culture to the latest science, ridiculous bonus rounds and endless trivia! Get ready for Sebastiaan Ros’ dangerously odd Warley Woods Quiz Special!



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Summer Procession

Join Woodland Tales for a great procession around Warley Woods!

On your journey you will be regaled with an original tale, inspired by the woodlands, told by Storyteller Synthia Oenga and written by Gavin Curtis.


The procession will feature newly commissioned music specially written by Anna Palmer and Beth Bellis.


The Summer procession marks the end of our woodland adventure so please join us one final time to help us celebrate our local woodlands.


Saturday 18th September, Warley Woods, 3-4.30pm

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